Do you download ebooks from internet?

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If you ask this question from any programmer, you are likely to get no for an answer and it is likely to be a lie. We all know, no matter what our conscious tells us, we do download ebooks. An internet user doesn't just download ebooks. Songs, videos, movies, software are equally popular on file sharing sites and torrent providers.

Do I download ebooks from internet? I can lie once again but you already know the answer. I do download ebooks. But I still consider myself a noble soul.

I download ebooks only in 2 cases:

  1. I live in Indian sub-continent. Many software books that are written and published in US do not get published locally here. Getting hold of those books mean ordering that book on some international online shopping site and paying international shipment. While it takes a lot of time (almost a month) to reach that item to owner's hands, price that you pay for that book is also pretty high after converting the dollars to Indian rupees. I do earn a decent salary but I cant afford super expensive books. So I end up downloading them.
  2. If I do plan to buy a book, I first download the ebook and go through it. I quickly scan the book and make sure that I am not throwing my money on some crap. Normally I do end up buying that book. For example, I did download the Jon Skeet's book "C# in Depth" and read few pages before ordering it. I loved the book and I do own a copy now!

Someone might argue against that type of illegal ebook usage but I consider them fair. In my opinion, if you are seriously planning to buy the book, there is no harm going through it once before you actually buy it. If you don't find it interesting enough to buy, you are most likely not going to read it even on stupid computer screen (Did I mention reading a book on computer sucks and I simply hate it?). Ask your fellow programmers and they might have dozens of ebook lying somewhere in their computer but they cant even name them (leave alone reading them).

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